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Labyrinth minimum flow control valve

  Minimum flow control valve of feed pump, also called recirculating valve of feed pump, is a kind of control valve of special performance applied in harsh working conditions. It acts an important role in boiler feed water system of power plant, protecting the water pump.

In all the valves in power plant, minimum flow control valve bears the highest pressure difference; it is also one of the valves undergoing the worst working system when the power plant works. Valves working in high pressure difference should be chosen and designed of effective flow control structure to lower the flow rate, protecting the parts from being washed and destructed by the strong vibration and noise and high speed fluid caused by high pressure difference and high flow rate.

Also, the control performance of valve is improved and the valve can continuously and stably control the flow per the pump.

We design and research minimum flow control valve of labyrinth disc throttling structure, making it easier to well control the flow rate, well lower the vibration and noise and largely decrease and get rid of cavitation and flashing. Labyrinth design strengthens the deceleration effect of the throttling structure; thus the valve is of longer work life and works with the lowest vibration and noise, compared to other likewise products in various brands. In addition, the sealing is adopted with hard and soft sealing structure and is protected by double valve core linkage structure; when closed, the valve is well sealed without leakage, avoiding cavitation and flashing happening downstream or even around the sealing surface.

Nominal diameter (DN): 100

Pressure class (PN): 32MPa

Valve body material: WC9

Working temperature (℃): 175

Applied media: boiler feed

Connection mode: butt welding

Mode of drive: electric

Maximum flow: 173t/h

Maximum pressure difference: 22.9MPa

Flow feature: linear

Discharge coefficient: Kv=13.5(Cv=15.6)

Leakage class: CLASS VI


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